Enamored By a Toadstool

Last fall, while away on a retreat, I spent one day entirely in silence. I had roamed the nearby woods earlier in the week, on the lookout for these toadstools I had heard could be seen along the path. What sheer and simple delight to find them! During my 24 hours of silence, I nestled myself down in the fallen leaves and was enamored by this lovely beauty. It asked to be remembered in a poem.

Toadstool Muse

She popped up overnight

A bit of a granIMG_0755d entrance I’d say

Tucked in the hollow beside a small stump

A beauty she is

With her freckled sienna top

Catching autumn’s dappled light




Raving BeautyIMG_0761

Enough in what she is

Enough with where she is

Not clamouring

to be noticed

Simply being

Showing up in her time

Silently, brilliantly present